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Top-class Swimming Pools and Spa Services in Manassas VA


Who are we ?

We are a proficient pool company established to help our clients maintain their pools in the flawless condition. Our professional ability and experience are seen in our devotion to your pool needs and the results of our services. Following your wishes, we generated our cleaning packages. All of them include several pool cleaning services done regularly and it’s up to you to choose the one which suits you best. The most detailed one is formed to cover all aspects of the pool cleaning – pool bottom vacuuming, pool top skimming, pump emptying, and balancing out the pool chemicals. We pay special attention to the entire pool look and brushing the pool walls.

After our visit, your pool water will be fresh, sparkling, and clean allowing you and your family members to enjoy and relax by and inside the pool. Our technicians always leave the notes behind to let you know what services were done to your pool. The date of the visit, together with the time and the pool water status are also included in the notes. This is practiced to give you a closer insight into our work and describe all activities during our visit.

Our Services

Resedential Pool Service

At Manassas Pool Service we know that your swimming pool is a peaceful place for relaxation in your backyard. Therefore, our team helps you enjoy the pool water which is in excellent condition and the pool which looks like a new one despite its age. After our cleaning, your pool will be an oasis for swimming, diving, having fun, and a place which you gladly visit with family members and friends. Our team thinks about the pool opening and closing carefully and makes it ready as soon as you want it.

We offer several packages of pool services, which are categorized according to time when they are done and the services they cover. Therefore, you can opt for our either weekly or bi-weekly maintenance package, open/close package, pool tile cleaning, spa or hot tub services, or tile/stone/deck sealing.


Commercial Pool Service

Manassas Pool Service is there to complete commercial pool services ASAP. Call us now and we will help you today. Our staff includes experienced pool techs who understand the importance of adequate maintaining of the pool in your gym, hotel, apartment complex, or swimming facility. Proper keeping and care for the pool are seen in the condition of the water and its proper pH levels and overall sanitary conditions of the pool.   

From our commercial pool service, we suggest: checking water temperature on spa, adjusting chemical levels, skimming pool water surface, brushing the pool steps and walls, vacuuming the pool, and emptying the skimmer baskets.


Installation Service

We have recognized and adopted the highest – quality equipment and materials in our work. They are utilized by our skilled professional pool techs who always give their best to help you get the best for your invested money. Our pool services are done according to your wishes in a safe and dedicated manner, to meet the given deadline and result in the outstanding final effect reflected in the water and pool’s look at the same time.


Pool Repairs

We know that damaged or broken pool equipment may prevent you from relaxing by your pool, so we trained our team to recognize what should be repaired in the shortest time. Our quick pool service covers replacing pool equipment of all brands and works with all pool parts. Our spectrum of services starts with repairing lights, motors, fixing pool timers, and goes to adjusting pool heaters, filters, pumps, fixing pool tiles, skimmers, leaks, and drains. Besides, we deal with pool automation and all types of pool cleaners – automatic cleaners and in-floor pool cleaners.


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